Patrick Gower: English stoked as America's Cup win distracts from Barclay

OPINION: Bill English was up early with his red socks on.

And he looked pretty stoked not just with the America's Cup result, but probably also because it would be a major distraction from the Todd Barclay scandal.

Still, the Barclay chaos still raged on.

Police reopened investigations into the alleged secret recording he made of his secretary Glenys Dickson.

And Parliament was told of what might be on the recording - Andrew Little saying it concerned "sex and drug matters".

That followed Newsroom reporting Glenys Dixon saying: "[My lawyer] had spoken to Parliamentary Services and they had acknowledged there was recorded conversations involving me which concerned Todd Barclay regarding sex and drug matters."

Mr Barclay has not responded to a request for comment.

Mr English is under pressure, with Winston Peters asking Parliament: "Why doesn't he just stand down like Todd Barclay did - or is there one rule for him and another for everyone else?"

The Prime Minister is now using the defence: "In the light of the reopened police investigation, I have nothing to add".

And he's using Labour's problems as a form of attack: "If it comes to timelines, that member better be clear about the scale of immigration fraud, to which he may be a party."

So after eight days of scrutiny comes a bit of relief for Bill English.

The fact it took victory in the America's Cup to bring it shows just what intense pressure the scandal has unleashed.

Patrick Gower is Newshub's political editor.