Poll: Labour voters like National's family package

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National's cornerstone Budget policy has been given a resounding endorsement in the latest Newshub-Reid Research poll.

Two-thirds of voters support the $2 billion policy, which gives every earner a tax cut averaging $26 a week. Just over 25 percent oppose it.

Labour voters were split over the policy, but there were more supporters than haters, with 48.3 percent liking the package and 41.7 percent opposing it.

Labour voters' thoughts on National's family package

That flies in the face of Labour's official position, which was to oppose it in Parliament.

New Zealand First and Green Party voters have an almost identical position to Labour voters.

More than 48 percent of New Zealand First voters support it, and 43.7 percent oppose it, while 48.4 percent of Green voters support it, and 40.1 percent oppose.  

Both those results are consistent with how NZ First and Green MPs voted in Parliament, which was in favour of the package.

The poll also shows 88 percent of National voters support the policy, and just 7.2 percent oppose it.