State of the parties: ACT Party report card

OPINION: Newshub's politics team has taken a good hard look at New Zealand's political parties and ranked them in key areas - here's Isobel Ewing's take on the ACT Party.

Leadership: B

David Seymour is Parliament's lone wolf.

Characterised by his dry wit, awkwardness, lack of shame and ability to make plenty of noise.

So how is his leadership?

Let's be honest, it's pretty easy to lead a party when there's only one person in it, and it's yourself. Populating that party will be his biggest challenge, especially with ACT polling at 0.9 percent in the latest Newshub poll.

He'll do anything for some limelight and that means his career's been speckled with gaffes, possibly the most memorable - when he announced to a group of journalists and TV cameras that "the French love the Coq".

His MO works though, for a one-man-band he gets more than his fair share of publicity.

Policy: A-

Seymour had a big win this year with his End of Life Choice bill getting pulled from the ballot after it sat dormant for two years.

This will take a big role in New Zealand politics, so he gets an A-.

Fresh Face Factor: F

As for fresh face factor, well, he has a fresh face look himself. But he's the only face. You try and name someone else - you can't. So for that, an F.

State of the parties: ACT Party report card
Photo credit: Newshub

Vibe: A-

You can't fault David Seymour's optimism. Despite sitting on his own in Parliament, thanks to the grace of the Nats who endorsed him for his Epsom seat, he is firmly optimistic about ACT's future - He's aiming to get five MPs into Parliament. Seymour even goes so far as to forecast it'll be ACT, not Winston Peters and NZ First, who'll be kingmaker. OK mate.

Outlook for Election:

The most likely outcome is he'll win Epsom, and be back on his lonesome pushing his death with dignity bill. Overall outlook - a B.