Winston Peters has beef with reporter Lloyd Burr

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says "no one gives a rat's arse" about political reporter Lloyd Burr's opinion.

Mr Peters is not happy with Burr who criticised New Zealand First while hosting RadioLive's Your Sunday at the weekend.

"It's a scary thought but there's a very real chance Winston Peters and his no-name MPs will hold the country to ransom after the election and choose the next government," Burr said on the show.

After the comments went to air, Mr Peters took aim at Burr during a speech at a rally in Pukekohe.

"If anyone here knows who Lloyd Burr is, then I will give you a thousand dollars," Mr Peters said.

No one claimed the money.

Mr Peters confronted Burr about the comments at Parliament on Tuesday.

"Let me tell you mate I've been out in this game a long, long time, I ain't taking that from you or anybody in this campaign."

"I'm not taking any more crap from you guys", Mr Peters says. "You were slagging my members, and slagging me".

He's scheduled to give a number of speeches this week, and he's vowing to continue to attack Burr.

"Next time you say something nasty about us, I'll make it $10,000," says Mr Peters.

Burr made an attempt to defend himself by saying that he was allowed to have an opinion.

"You're entitled to have an opinion, nobody gives a rat's arse about it," Mr Peters said.

"If you think I'm going to put up with your crap in this campaign you've got it all wrong. The great news about 2017 is there is new technology out there where you guys won't matter."