2.2 million Kiwis miss tax cuts under Labour's package

Labour has promised it will scrap National's tax cuts - meaning 2.2 million Kiwis miss out on extra money.

National says 1.2 million workers who earn $26,000 to $52,000 a year will miss out on an annual cut of $560, while another one million workers who earn over $52,000 a year will miss out on an annual cut of $1000.

Labour's package is risky, as it targets beneficiaries, superannuitants, people with babies and those on or close to Working for Families thresholds, with anyone else missing out on what National has promised.

"Now is not the time for tax cuts," Labour leader Andrew Little said while announcing the package.

But Labour is still spreading some cash, aiming to win back votes from battlers.

Working solo-mum Jade Temepara is one of those battlers, who would get $73 a week under National.

When asked after the Budget in May, she was pretty happy, telling Newshub: "Families definitely need the support and the help to thrive."

Under Labour's changes, she would lose a tax cut, but under Working For Families, would gain $106 a week - meaning she'd be better off by $33.

"I think it's great but also, I also think that we don't need hand-outs we need hands up," Ms Temepara told Newshub on Tuesday.

But the Government says hundreds of thousands of Kiwis will miss out on cash all together under Labour.

"Labour is saying, 'Well you've sort of got to support family incomes but we're actually going to whip $2.5 billion away at the same time'," Finance Minister Steven Joyce said.

"And I actually think New Zealand families would say, 'Well actually, we think we can spend that $2.5 billion a little bit better than, say, Grant Robertson could'."

National's families package will cost $2 billion a year, while Labour's will cost $1.4 billion, with $600 million to health and education.

Mr Joyce has dismissed it as a "fairly pale imitation" of National's plan, but Mr Little isn't shaken.

"We're saying now's not the time for tax cuts, there are bigger priorities," he said.