Campaigning kicks off as election posters appear

The election campaign kicked up a gear on Saturday. It was the first day candidates and parties were allowed to put up their campaign posters.

For Labour it's been on since 9am on Saturday morning, battling wind and rain to get hoardings up across Lower Hutt.

Labour's Hutt South candidate, Ginny Anderson, says it's a sure sign election season is upon us.

"I think it's really important because it signals to the public that it's on."

As she found some space between two National posters, she said she thought "there was a bit of late-night activity actually, but all is fair in the game".

National's Chris Bishop, vying for Trevor Mallard's vacated spot, says they had around "20 teams out at midnight last night putting up all our big signs around the Hutt".

Up the country, Labour's Phil Twyford opted for a sledgehammer to secure his hoardings in Te Atatu.

"This is kind of like the start of the duck shooting season. When the hoardings go up, it's like the gun gets fired and the election campaign is all on."

Of course these hoardings can be "lame ducks" for vandals too - something Chris Bishop says was a major problem last election

"Election time seems to bring out a few yahoos who want to draw moustaches and things like that."

But in Wellington, the biggest risk is often the wind.