Councils' climate change message for the Government

  • 23/07/2017
LGNZ president Lawrence Yule (file)
LGNZ president Lawrence Yule. Photo credit: file

Mayors from around the country are meeting in Auckland where they have laid out a pre-election wish-list and a commitment to tackling climate change.

More than 600 delegates are at the Local Government New Zealand conference for two days in Auckland, which is followed by an annual meeting on Tuesday.

Dunedin mayor Dave Cull and Nelson mayor Rachel Reese are seeking to be the new LGNZ president to replace Lawrence Yule, who steps down after nine years in the role.

As the conference opened on Sunday Mr Yule unveiled the LGNZ election manifesto.

Hot topics in the manifesto include how to the fund infrastructure, improvements to risk and resilience and new ways of protecting water.

Mr Yule also launched a position statement on climate change, and a 2017 climate change declaration signed by 39 mayors. LGNZ represents about 78 councils.

"Local government is committed to playing its role by utilising the full range of skills and capabilities it holds to better understand all the consequences and opportunities of climate change, and to consider climate change in its decision making," Mr Yule said.

"But this is a problem of national scale, in need of a joint, national response. In our view we need to see more from central Government on climate change."

At the conference there is a focus on litter legislation, local government funding, cat management and health in this year's remits. Remits are voted on in a secret ballot and if passed will become official policy and be actioned by LGNZ.