Facebook blocks the New Zealand Parliament page

Facebook blocks the New Zealand Parliament page

Apparently the Parliament of New Zealand seems fake, according to Facebook.

The social media giant suspended the page, putting it out of action for days because it questioned its authenticity.

The page had only been active for two weeks, and parliamentary staffers had to confirm to Facebook that the admins of the page were authentic, and that it was in fact the official page of the New Zealand Parliament.

It's now verified and back up and running. After being blocked from July 23 until July 26 the page resurfaced on Facebook with the message "It's not everyday that a country's Parliament has its Facebook page suspended - but hey, there's a first for everything!"

The page warned that it "Pays to read the small print on those terms and conditions for social media!

After a week away, we're back and ready to bring you more parliamentary goodness."

A spokesperson told Newshub it was sensible for Facebook to make sure the page was legitimate, and it hopes the page will prove to be popular.

The page has been set up to provide updates about what's happening at Parliament, and tell Kiwis about how they can be involved in the democratic process. Because it's a new page, it only has about 500 likes.

The New Zealand Parliament also has a Twitter page, with nearly 14,000 followers.


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