Green Party in Nelson for campaign launch

The Green Party is expected to launch a "top-line" policy about water at its official campaign launch in Nelson on Sunday afternoon.

Nelson has been selected for the campaign launch as Green Party candidate Matt Lawrey will attempt to unseat National's Nick Smith in the region. 

Usually the Greens' electorate candidates campaign for the party vote, but Mr Lawrey will be running a "two-tick" campaign in an attempt to win both party and electorate votes. The party says it's the first time it has run a serious campaign to win an electorate seat since Jeanette Fitzsimons won in the Coromandel in the 1999 election. At the time, Labour signalled to voters to back Ms Fitzsimons to ensure Labour had a potential support partner.

The party's top 21 candidates will feature at the event, which will take place at Trafalgar Centre, 7 Paruparu Rd from 1pm.