Greens and NZ First set to launch campaigns

  • 15/07/2017

The Green Party will launch two new policies this weekend at its pre-election annual general meeting.

After a week of disputes with New Zealand First, the party will no doubt be looking to shift the focus to its plans in Government.

Co-leaders James Shaw and Metiria Turei will both address crowds in Auckland at the two-day event.

Mr Shaw will deliver a policy speech on Saturday after a preview of the election campaign collateral, while Ms Turei will give her policy speech on Sunday.

There's no indication yet of what they might reveal.

The party will also hold three information sessions that are open only to party members.

Meanwhile Winston Peters, leader of rivals and potential coalition partners New Zealand First, has been on the road campaigning in the regions for weeks already.

But this weekend he will take his election fight to Auckland for the party's annual convention and general meeting.

On Sunday he'll deliver his big leader's address, but that will come at the end of a packed, two-day agenda.

Policy remits, business sessions and hearing from members of Young New Zealand First are all on the agenda.

Mr Peters will also give party members a glimpse of what he's been doing on the road in his regional campaign with a video filmed on his tour bus.

NZN / Newshub.