Greens want rail to the airport for America's Cup

  • 05/07/2017
Green party transport spokesperson Julie Anne Genter
Green party transport spokesperson Julie Anne Genter Photo credit: Facebook

The Green party want to fast track a rail link to Auckland Airport in time for the America's Cup which looks set to be contested in the city in four years.

The party's transport spokeswoman Julie Anne Genter said the project would start this year under a government formed with the Green Party.

Having the transport link completed in time for the 2021 contest, secured by Team New Zealand's win in Bermuda last month, is an ambitious goal that will need unprecedented co-operation between government and Auckland Council, Ms Genter says.

"Light rail to the airport is the most urgently needed transport project in Auckland, and it will start this year when we're in government," she said.

"A new rail line will give people the freedom to by-pass congested roads and travel from the city to Dominion Road and the airport easily and quickly."

The light rail service is forecast to cost $2.3 billion.

Ms Genter said it would be funded in part from the government's transport fund as a project of national significance, while other funding sources will be investigated.