Labour Ōhāriu candidate's signs up a bit early

  • 03/07/2017
Greg O'Connor.
Greg O'Connor. Photo credit: File

Election campaigning has kicked off early in Ōhāriu and not everybody is happy about it.

Labour has removed campaign signs after residents took issue with them being posted on private property three weeks before the official campaign period begins.

Wellington City Council says the party's signs are in breach of the district plan rules, mainly due to their size.

"The only complicating factor is that on July 22 the campaign period will start and after July 22 the signs are probably going to be completely legitimate again," a council spokesman told NZ Newswire.

He said the council intended to ask Labour candidate, former Police Association boss, Greg O'Connor, to remove the signs for the three weeks.

Mr O'Connor said he had written permission from the council for the signs. On Monday, he tweeted that no one from the council had been in touch - but he'd remove them "to keep focus on the real issues in Ōhāriu".

Greg O'Connor's tweet on Monday.
Greg O'Connor's tweet on Monday. Photo credit: Greg O'Connor/Twitter.

Ōhāriu MP Peter Dunne said rules were rules when it came to the signs, of which he had seen at least half a dozen in the last 10 days.

He said as a former policeman, Mr O'Connor should know that "only a little bit over the limit isn't a good enough excuse" when it came to the legal sign period.

Mr Dunne also accused the council of being "lackadaisical" in enforcing their own by-laws when ordinarily they were meticulous on details including regulation of fonts on campaign signs.