Labour promises affordable housing for Māori

  • 30/07/2017

Labour says by building affordable homes and state houses, it will reduce homelessness and help more Māori buy their own homes.

The party released its Māori housing policy from South Auckland's Nga Whare Waatea Marae on Sunday, promising Maori will have the same home ownership opportunities as non-Maori care of its $20 million policy initiatives.

"Labour's vision is that Māori enjoy an equal playing field," says Labour's Māori Development spokesman Kelvin Davis.

The party plans to house 20,000 more Māori and help more than 2500 Māori on the social housing waiting lists.

It will spend $20m over four years on non-government organisations and Māori providers who deliver supported home ownership services.

Mr Davis says by building affordable homes and state houses, and taking account of the special status of Māori land, Labour will reduce homelessness and help more Māori buy their own homes.

The policy includes the right to build on multi-titled Māori land.

Labour estimates its policies will allow 17,000 Māori renters to purchase KiwiBuild homes and Māori organisations will partner with Government through the Affordable Housing Authority to build homes.

The Labour campaign for Māori seats, also launched on Sunday, is being chaired by broadcaster Willie Jackson, who is a list-only candidate.

Labour's Tamati Coffey is trying to knock Māori Party co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell out of his Waiariki seat and Mr Jackson talked up his chances on The Nation on Saturday.

On Sunday's Q&A programme, Mr Jackson raised the issue of doing deals with the Greens in marginal seats but it is neither party's policy.

"Look, the leadership of the Greens and leadership of Labour met last year and said there would be no deals. But I have put it up," Mr Jackson said.

He said he intends to talk with Labour's leadership about it.