National confirms electorate deals

Bill English
Prime Minister Bill English has announced National's usual electoral deals for United Future and ACT. Photo credit: Supplied

National has committed to its usual electorate deals with ACT and United Future at this year's election, but Prime Minister Bill English doesn't think the Māori Party needs their help.

Mr English said on Wednesday, "While we don't always agree, our four parties have maintained a stable and successful Government since late 2008 and we would like to see that continue for the benefit of New Zealanders."

"New Zealand's political stability over the last several years has given this country a consistent economic advantage over many other countries we compare ourselves with."

Mr English encouraged National supporters in Auckland's Epsom electorate to give their electorate vote to ACT candidate David Seymour, and in Wellington's Ōhāriu to United Future's Peter Dunne, and their party vote to National.

"We want to increase our party votes in those electorates and that's what our candidates will be working hard to do."

National will also seek to work with the Māori Party as a partner, but Mr English said he did not want to pursue similar electorate deals because he was confident enough in their candidates' abilities.