NZ First T-shirts made in China, Winston Peters denies knowledge

Winston Peters is denying any knowledge of his party's campaign T-shirts being made in China.

The revelations came during the party's conference at the weekend.

"No surprises here - but the New Zealand First party's T-shirt on sale at its conference for $20 is... Made in China," tweeted Newsroom journalist Tim Murphy.

NZ First, as its name suggests, gives "high priority to maintaining and building the manufacturing sector" and wants "a government procurement policy that gives preference for New Zealand firms".

Mr Peters himself isn't so hot on the Middle Kingdom, in 2014 telling supporters "two Wongs don't make a right".

It might fly in the face of importing Chinese-made T-shirts, but Mr Peters says he's just the pilot - and knows nothing about it.

"I haven't got a NZ First T-shirt. You say that - I don't know anything about that," he told The AM Show on Monday.

"I'm at the front of the aeroplane trying to drive it - I'm not at the back sorting out what goes on the toilets and cleaning up the kitchens, right? If somebody's selling a product, I've got no idea what the product is."

The Green Party was quick to point out its T-shirts are made in New Zealand. Wairarapa candidate John Hart tweeted an image of the party's 'Great Greens' shirts, with a "New Zealand Made" tag.

Despite not being in charge of micromanaging the party's T-shirts, Mr Peters promised hosts Duncan Garner, Mark Richardson and Amanda Gillies he'd deliver three of them to The AM Show so they could wear them on-air.

"I want you guys to wear it," he said. "I don't want to waste stuff."

When Garner agreed, as long as Mr Peters wore an AM Show T-shirt, Mr Peters made a quick exit.

"I'm going down to see the big station, right now."

And with that, he stood up and walked out - without a free T-shirt.