Raise drinking age to 20 - Gareth Morgan

Opportunities Party leader Gareth Morgan wants the legal drinking age raised back to 20.

The current age of 18 has caused "major alcohol-related" issues in teens as young as 14, Mr Morgan told Newshub.

He says alcohol-related issues shouldn't be affecting people as young as 14, and raising the age would take away easier access.

The drinking age was lowered from 20 to 18 in 1999.

Labour leader Andrew Little told The AM Show the last time he voted for it, he voted that the drinking age return to 20. 

"I think now I'd probably say leave it where it is," Mr Little said.

"Let's not underestimate what alcohol is capable of doing, but I think there are other ways we can control that and mitigate the harm, but I wouldn't change the age from what it is now."