Should New Zealand raise the drinking age? We ask MPs

Opportunities Party leader Gareth Morgan wants the legal drinking age to be raised to 20. He said there are major drinking issues for would make alcohol less accessible for young people.

In a Newshub poll, a majority of people are throwing their support behind the idea. 

We asked MPs from across the parties what they think. Health Minister Jonathan Coleman would like to see the age lifted, while Prime Minister Bill English doesn't think it's necessary. Green MP Eugenie Sage says if people can go to war at 18, then they should be allowed to drink.

While many MPs reject the idea, there is some support for a split drinking age - meaning that people could purchase and drink alcohol at 18 in bars and restaurants, but couldn't purchase it at stores until they were 20.

Back in 1999, the drinking age was lowered from 20 to 19.

Watch the video to see what our politicians think.