Todd Barclay proves he's been hard at work

Todd Barclay proves he's been hard at work
Photo credit: Facebook

Todd Barclay has resurfaced showing himself working hard for his constituents almost a month after his resignation from Parliament.

The National MP has kept a low profile after the taping scandal blew up on June 2, leaving many people questioning what he has been doing while still receiving his publicly-funded $170,000 parliamentary salary.

Today Mr Barclay posted a photo of himself showing him working in his Queenstown office, "working on constituent issues and signing out letters".

"It was nice to receive this handmade card from a young constituent!" he said, proudly holding up a blue card covered in rainbows and love hearts.

"I am very sorry that you are having a bad time at the moment," the card reads. "I hope it stops soon."

Mr Barclay resigned after being thrown into the spotlight when new details emerged regarding allegations he secretly recorded staff member Glenys Dickson. A taxpayer-funded Prime Minister's fund was used to pay out Ms Dickson over the dispute.

It then emerged Prime Minister Bill English told police in April 2016 that Mr Barclay had told him about the recording. Following the revelations, police reopened their investigation into the taping after dropping it last year when Mr Barclay refused to be interviewed.

The only known public sighting of the 27-year-old since was at Queenstown's Pig and Whistle pub, as Fairfax reports.