'Transparent' Labour budget adds up - Taxpayers' Union

  • 21/07/2017
Grant Robertson.
Grant Robertson. Photo credit: AAP

Labour has won rare praise from the Taxpayers' Union for the "welcome transparency" of its alternative budget policy costings.

It's even being held up as an example for other parties to follow.

"We have often criticised political parties for not detailing the costs of their manifestos in the lead-up to elections," said the union's economist Mac Mckenna.

"This year, Labour has obliged by providing explanations and costing for its policies over the next four years."

Mr Mckenna says policies announced so far appear to have been reasonably costed with realistic assumptions.

"The numbers add up and there is an honest acknowledgement of the extra debt Labour's spending promises would lead to."

He says about half of Labour's new spending would be funded by scrapping National's tax cuts and the other half, approximately, from the slower pay down of debt.

"The desirability of Labour's huge spending promises is a judgement call. Whether or not the numbers add up, however, is not."

It comes a day after BERL chief economist Ganesh Nana made a similar positive assessment of the party's policies.

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