Watch Andrew Little's Scottish accent attempt

The Labour Party leader has revealed a hidden talent during a trip to Dunedin.

Andrew Little was filmed by his press secretary Phil Reed delivering a pretty impressive monologue about being in "Dunedin, the Edinburgh of the south."

Posting the video to Facebook, Mr Reed wrote, "Stopped in Dunedin for some filming this morning and the boss revealed his Scottish heritage during set-up shots."

A Scottish member of the Manawatu Scottish Society told Newshub: "It sounds a bit like a Glaswegian that's just spent three hours in a pub."

Dance Scottish Bay of Islands said it was a dreaful accent - a "weak mimic of Billy Connolly. Rates a cringe factor of 100%."

The post was shared by Labour deputy leader Jacinda Ardern, who wrote, "Proof that Andrew has either watched a lot of Sean Connery in his time, or that we've been on the road too long..."

In the video, Mr Little jokes about the 'Myth of the Dunedin C', saying "Dunedin is very special, cos to get to public elected office you have to have a surname beginning with C. So we've got two Labour MPs - David Clark and Clare Curran and the Mayor's name is David Cull... I don't know why. It's just a Scottish thing, I think."

Watch the video.


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