Greg O'Connor can't wait to take down Andrew Little signs

The Labour Party's Ōhāriu candidate Greg O'Connor is looking very excited to be taking down a billboard of Andrew Little.

In a video tweeted out, a drill-wielding, pleased-looking Mr O'Connor says when he heard Ms Ardern speak, for the first time in his life he thought, "I want to work for you."

He then takes the drill and unscrews the hoarding. 

In the video, Mr O'Connor says: "I was at a meeting last week where Jacinda spoke and for the first time ever in my life, I sat there and thought, 'I want to work for you. You are someone who is going to lead this country, and I want to be part of it. She's inspiring,'" he said. 

"She is going to be part of the whole rejuvenation of not only the political scene but of this country."

Mr O'Connor is contesting UnitedFuture's Peter Dunne in Ōhāriu. The Greens and National are both not standing candidates in the electorate in order to give their partner parties a clearer run at the seat.