David Seymour can't afford 'mouldy' house he rents

  • 15/09/2017

A young voters debate has thrown up the cost of housing, mental health and climate change as key issues.

TVNZ's 90-minute live stream programme, with MPs or candidates from seven political parties, took place in front of 100 young voters.

As they had their say, and the party representatives explained their policies, the cost of buying a house, particularly in Auckland, came through strongly.

Some of the students in the audience didn't think they would ever own their own home, and that setting a goal of home ownership was a hopeless aspiration.

ACT's David Seymour was on their side when it came to cost - he said a section in Auckland cost $700,000 and on an MP's salary he couldn't afford to buy the mouldy house he rented.

According to Parliament's website, Mr Seymour would be on around $190,000 - plus perks.

Sky-high rents for "rubbish" houses was also an issue the young voters felt had to be addressed.

Youth mental health was generally considered to be an issue that Governments weren't taking sufficiently seriously.

Having counsellors in schools was a "must do" measure, and concerns were voiced about the lack of services for people most in need.

There was scepticism about whether politicians were prepared to do anything about climate change other than set targets, but Green Party candidate Chloe Swarbrick was a clear winner on that issue.

NZN / Newshub.