Nick Smith not bothered by squatting Nick Smith statue

A Monday morning delivery to the offices of Environment Canterbury gave Christchurch residents a rude awakening.

A sculpture depicting Environment Minister and Nelson MP Nick Smith squatting over a glass of water was delivered on Monday to the footpath outside ECan’s offices.

A protest piece representing the Government's treatment of the water quality issue, the artist Sam Mahon said it was art imitating life.

"If you break it all down to one thing, it is our public commons taken away from us and given to private hands, so to me this is the best metaphor I could create."

ECan served an injunction to Mr Mahon on Friday to try and stop him delivering the work, but the artist went ahead with the plan anyway.

The statue drew a crowd of curious onlookers, both from the streets of Christchurch and within the ECan offices.

Mr Mahon said he hoped it would get people more than just looking.

"Every time they see Nick Smith speaking on the news or listen to him on the radio, every time he opens his mouth, this image will come to their minds. That's all I want."

Dr Smith said he was not bothered by the sculpture.

"It is a bit crass, and there are far smarter ways of people expressing themselves without being offensive.

"Politics gives one a thick skin so I am not bothered by it.

The piece, which is two and a half times life size, is made of horse manure and epoxy resin.

Those who saw the sculpture in person said they weren't offended by it.

"I don't think it's crass or distasteful," said one onlooker.

"I think Sam's an amazing artist and it's truly gorgeous," said another.

Unfortunately for Mr Mahon's Christchurch fans, his giant sculpture was on the move again.

Its next stop was Dr Smith's own electorate of Nelson.