Auckland's fuel tax only months away - Twyford

Aucklanders will soon be paying more at the pump, with a regional fuel tax on the way.

Auckland Council and Mayor Phil Goff have long argued for a 10c/litre charge, but the previous National-led Government said it couldn't be done.

Phil Twyford, who'll be sworn in as Transport Minister on Thursday morning, told The AM Show not only can it be done, it'll be done sometime in the next four or five months.

"Auckland Council have said they want it. It's going to contribute about 10 percent of the $15 billion, 10-year programme we've committed to, to get Auckland moving again."

The council needs central Government to change the law in order implement a regional tax.

The money will be spent on rail to the airport and a new tram system from the CBD to west Auckland and Mr Goff's old electorate of Mt Roskill.

In August, Mr Goff said whether it was a regional fuel tax or the National Party's plan of congestion charging, Aucklanders would "have to pay" regardless.

"It might be a fuel tax, it might be... a congestion tax, but either way it's naive to think that we, as Aucklanders, won't have to make a contribution. We will."

NZME reports the planned route for the trams will be up Queen St and along Dominion Rd heading south, and along Great North Rd to Pt Chevalier, heading west.

Mr Twyford says the new Government will get started on the airport rail link immediately.

He's also keen on regular passenger rail between Auckland and Hamilton.

"We made a commitment during the campaign for regional rail in the golden triangle. It's crazy we're not opening up development opportunities in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty."

Mr Twyford says a plan for that should be underway in the next few weeks.

Auckland has battled worsening gridlock for years, with GPS company TomTom earlier this year saying the morning commute is was the third-worst in the world.

The recently opened Waterview Connection tunnel has eased it somewhat, with commuters reporting quicker travelling times from the south of the city into the CBD.