Bill English says goodbye from prime minister's office

Former Prime Minister Bill English has said goodbye to his office for the last time.

The National Party leader posted a video to social media on Wednesday - but made no secret he aims to take it back from new Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

"Hello for the last time from the Prime Minister's office," he told supporters.

"The decisions made in this office and through the Beehive have helped us build a more confident, more aspirational and more outward-looking New Zealand.

"And I want to thank all of you for your support through that time in Government... and particularly for the warmth of your support and good wishes in the last week since the decision to change the Government."

And Mr English fired shots at the new Government.

"We already have a more aspirational view for New Zealand than the incoming Government who are preparing us, apparently, for an economic slow-down," he said.

"We will be working to hold the new Government to account, to make sure that they build on the strength and the result of all the hard work that you and I did together over the last decade or so to make this great little country the country that it is."

The National Party is packing up its belongings ahead of its move into the Opposition offices over the weekend.

Mr English will hand in his resignation to the Governor-General at Government House in private.


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