Australia not taking up NZ refugee offer 'at this time'

Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he will not be taking up New Zealand's offer to take 150 asylum seekers and refugees from Australian offshore detention centres at this time.

In her first overseas trip since becoming Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern raised her view on Australia's response to the Manus Island humanitarian crisis in face-to-face talks with her counterpart.

Mr Turnbull thanked Ms Ardern for her renewed offer, but said he would not be taking it up "at this time" thanks to ongoing negotiations with the United States for the settlement of refugees there.

Around 600 people have barricaded themselves inside a now-closed detention facility on Manus Island, which has no power, water or food. They say they fear for their safety if they leave the compound.

Mr Turnbull says Australia is "a very generous nations when it comes to refugees", but determining which refugees come to the country should be up to the government, not people smugglers.

"From New Zealand's perspective we want to assist as much as we are able in expediting resolution on this issue," Ms Ardern says.

"We do not have the circumstances Australia is operating under, but we cannot ignore the human face of what Australia is dealing with as well."

Ms Ardern and Mr Turnbull also discussed a range of issues, from trade to terrorism, TPP to security.

"We've had a great meeting, a great discussion," Mr Turnbull says, highlighting the commonalities between both leaders such as a shared Hamilton heritage.

"The fact that we're from different political positions is irrelevant," he says, pointing out former Australia Prime Minister John Howard's working relationship with former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark.

Ms Ardern says she deliberately chose Australia for her first visit as Prime Minister.

Mr Turnbull gave a nod to Ms Ardern's DJ skills, and said he "made a rather feeble attempt at rapping recently". Ms Ardern joked this was not an announcement of a "joint act".

"I've extended invitation for the Prime Minister to come and join me with some fishing," Ms Ardern says, claiming she is "no kayaker or paddleboarder".