Jacinda Ardern and Malcolm Turnbull bond over love of water

Jacinda Ardern and her Australian counterpart Malcolm Turnbull are discussing the hard topics in Sydney.

It's Ms Ardern's first official trip as Prime Minister, with the talks expected to centre around trade, New Zealanders' rights in Australia and the refugee situation on Manus Island.

"I'm sorry we couldn't put on better weather for you," Mr Turnbull told her, as she stepped out of her vehicle.

"I didn't have any expectations," Ms Ardern replied.

"We've been very short of rain lately in Sydney and right across the state, so it's good to get some" said Mr Turnbull.

The pair went inside Kirribilli House, steering clear of the nitty-gritty - instead bonding over their love of the water.

Ms Ardern and Mr Turnbull meet.
Ms Ardern and Mr Turnbull meet. Photo credit: AAP

"I normally look at the harbour from my kayak from sea level," Mr Turnbull told Ms Ardern.

"I've seen that - I'm waiting to be asked whether or not we're going to [go out on a] kayak," said Ms Ardern.

"If we had time - oh, are you a kayaker?" the Australian Prime Minister asked.

"Well, I, not a particularly good one, but I can do it," she told him.

"Well, we can do it," Mr Turnbull told her.

"I would probably circle you a few times -  what about paddleboarding?" Ms Ardern suggested.

"Paddleboarding? Yeah, I have done it but I've not really enjoyed it."

Mr Turnbull shows Ms Ardern where he likes to go kayaking.
Mr Turnbull shows Ms Ardern where he likes to go kayaking. Photo credit: AAP

And with that, the pair went inside to begin discussions on matters perhaps a little more important.