Jacinda Ardern refuses to be drawn in on Manus

Video has emerged of Papua New Guinea security forces with large batons hitting refugees refusing to leave the Manus Island detention centre, but Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is refusing to comment on the matter.

New Zealand is currently in a diplomatic standoff with Australia over the detention centre. Multiple times an offer has been made to take 150 refugees from the centre, but it has not been taken up.

Ms Ardern was quick to extend the offer to Australia after being sworn in as Prime Minister but there has not been much movement since then. 

On Saturday Ms Ardern refused to comment on the current situation at the detention centre, beyond saying that the situation was for Australia to manage and New Zealand's offer remains on the table.

"I continue to take the same position, and that is we have to see the human face of the current situation that we have. That is why New Zealand made the offer some years ago to take 150 refugees and that offer continues to stand."

Some advocates have suggested bypassing Australia and going to the Papua New Guinean government directly, but Ms Ardern believes that is not the best option.

"Ultimately going through Australia is the most efficient way to have the offer taken up. That is why it is a matter for Australia."

On Sunday Manus Island advocates are planning a pro-refugee protest at Auckland Unitarian Church, featuring Green MP Golriz Ghahraman.