Jacinda Ardern shows off East Asia Summit 'silly' shirt

When world leaders meet, there's a tradition of posing for photographs in what have come to be known as "silly" shirts.

Regardless of whether the shirts - which usually reflect the culture of the host country in some way - are silly or not, this year's offering at the East Asia Summit in the Philippines doesn't appear to have Jacinda Ardern's tick of approval.

The Prime Minister showed off the ivory-coloured shirt before her first press conference in Manila, noting it was scratchy and "quite starched".

Media asked her what the shirt, made of pineapple husk, smelled like.

"I'm not going to sniff the shirt on camera," she said, before asking Newstalk ZB political editor Barry Soper if he'd like to take a whiff.

Jacinda Ardern - not impressed with the silly shirt
Jacinda Ardern - not impressed. Photo credit: Patrick Gower/Newshub.

Foreign Minister Winston Peters was asked if he got one of the shirts, which have a U-shaped floral pattern across the front. He cracked one of his trademark grins.

"If I did, I'd regard it as being personal," he said, for a rare moment looking embarrassed. 

Ms Ardern and Mr Peters are attending the East Asia Summit, where Ms Ardern says security will be top of the agenda. She also plans to press Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on the Manus Island refugee issue.