More youth turn out to vote in NZ General Election

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - SEPTEMBER 20:  Voting signs are pictured at the Parnell District School on September 20, 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand.  Voters head to the polls today to elect the 51st parliament of New Zealand.  (Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)
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New Zealand's youngest voters were more likely to vote in the 2017 election. 

It wasn't a huge surge, but the increase in younger voters was significant and perhaps linked to the popularity of Labour leader Jacinda Ardern. 

Turnout didn't only increase for younger voters - all voters were more likely to vote in this year's election compared to 2014, but the change was less pronounced in older age groups.

The age bracket to see the biggest increase in voters was 18-24, with a 6.5-point increase in turnout. It rose from 62.7 percent to 69.3 percent.

Despite the increase in younger voters, older generations are still much more likely to turn up at the polls.

More youth turn out to vote in NZ General Election
Photo credit: Electoral Commission

Over-70s had a turnout of 86.3 percent, pipped only by those aged 65-70, with 88.2 percent.

The age bracket least likely to vote was 25-29, with a turnout of 67.6 percent. 

Despite the stubbornly low rate of under-30s voting, the 25-29 group still saw a big leap in turnout - up 5.5 percentage points from 62.1 percent in 2014.