NZ Govt stepped in over Peru's military jet flyover

Complaints about a military jet flying over the All Whites' hotel in Peru created a diplomatic incident involving the highest levels of government in both countries. 

New Zealand Football (NZF) sent messages to the New Zealand Government, who passed the complaint on to the Peruvian government.  Peru's Ministry of Defence was also contacted, NZME reports.

It doesn't stop there - New Zealand's ambassador to Peru also complained to the government. 

Video shows the planes circling low over the hotel. 

Andy Martin, the CEO of NZF believes the flyover was sanctioned - with the military getting involved in creating 'hassles' for the All Whites during their stay.

Mr Martin told NZME "We expected some disruptions and hassles here - that's how it is - but when the military get involved that is another level."

"It was worrying. If that sort of involvement had taken place - which clearly had to be sanctioned for those sort of planes to fly - we wanted to make sure we had assurances for the safety of all of the Kiwis here, and in particular getting to the ground."

It wasn't the only disruption. There were fireworks set off outside the hotel at 2:45am and 3:45am, and the team's charter plane from Lima was delayed by three hours.