Opposition riled up at Parliament State Opening

Wednesday's State Opening of Parliament was a day of high ceremony, but the Opposition couldn't resist taking a few pot shots.

Governor-General Dame Patsy Reddy on Wednesday declared Parliament open for business.

MPs filed into Parliament to hear her read a speech prepared by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, which focused on a fairer society for all, especially children.

"This will be a Government of transformation. It will lift up those who have been forgotten or neglected," she said.

"Everyone should have a roof over their head and be warm in winter…poverty hurts everyone, but it hurts children the most."

Opposition leader Bill English was not impressed, replying with an impassioned attack on the Labour Government's plans.

"We have a Government who think that all you have to do to reduce child poverty is decide you don't like it."

He expressed his displeasure at their intention to scrap his social investment policy.

"If the Government gives that away they will cost children and families a start in life and in fact, in some cases their lives."

But the parties have come to at least one agreement. 

National will vote for the legislation to increase paid parental leave, which will be introduced under urgency on Wednesday.

With the pomp and ceremony finally wrapped up, the Government can finally get down to business.