Road safety a priority for new Government

The road toll in New Zealand is on track to be the highest since 2010 and with more than a month left in 2017 the country has already equalled last year's 328 road deaths.

Associate Transport Minister Julie Ann Genter told the AM Show she'd be meeting with the Ministry of Transport, Police and the New Zealand Transport Agency on Tuesday to identify strategies to improve road safety.

"Now that I have this position in Government, it's my number one priority, I have made it the focus of my meetings with Ministry of Transport officials."

Ms Genter said the central Government needs to contribute more and take on larger responsibility for road safety with the large transport fund at its disposal.

Road projects developed under the National Government could be at risk of being cut so that more money can be put aside for road safety around the country.

"For example the East-West link, we've already said we're not going to spend $2 billion on that, it's not going to make a difference."

Ms Genter said she could not at this stage commit to definitive answers to road safety projects but that her office will take the necessary time to talk to officials to come to conclusions, including low-cost median barriers.

"I would not be surprised, I can't commit to anything yet, but I would not be surprised if we are able to accelerate some of those lower cost projects like those very simple median barriers, it doesn't need to be expensive."

The road toll is much higher than other countries around the world and Ms Genter said she has put road safety at the top of her list.

"This Government wants to make safety one of the number one priorities in the transport policy and funding."