Rodrigo Duterte to Jacinda Ardern: 'You don't have atomic bombs?'

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has asked Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern whether New Zealand has atomic bombs during their bilateral meeting at the ASEAN summit.

Mr Duterte asked Ms Ardern: "You don't have atomic bombs?"

When she replied "no", Mr Duterte then said "No bombs like what our friend Kim Jong-un is playing with."

Ms Ardern was Mr Duterte's last meeting, with the focus on an agreement for direct plane travel to Auckland.

Mr Duterte told of a visit to Auckland last year, where "My companion brought some fish in the wharf".

She tried to get it in his plane, but was told "Do not bring anything that is alive, even you."

Mr Duterte, infamous for ordering police to kill drug suspects, also asked about whether police in New Zealand were armed, to which Ms Ardern explained that they were not.

They were also talking about long-haul plane travel when Mr Duterte changed subject suddenly to Iran, saying "Sunni and Shiites - that's what creating the problems."

Mr Duterte said: "Auckland treats its citizens well."