The Opportunities Party to remain a 'rowdy disruptor'

  • 18/11/2017
The Opportunities Party leader Gareth Morgan.
The Opportunities Party leader Gareth Morgan.

The Opportunities Party is forming a public policy research unit in preparation for the 2020 election and says it will remain a "rowdy disruptor".

"Now that TOP has experienced and survived its first election campaign and as the party continues to evolve, it's time to beef up TOP's public policy research unit," leader Dr Gareth Morgan said.

Dr Morgan donated more than $2 million to the party and it got 2.4 percent of the vote but no MPs in the September general election.

Earlier this month Dr Morgan told one candidate who stood for the party in the election to resign, calling her "a pain in the arse".

Jenny Condie, who was TOP's tax spokeswoman, posted the offensive email herself and said it was in response to her asking questions about the party's future direction following its failure to get any MPs into Parliament.

On Saturday Dr Morgan said the beefed up policy unit would ensure "all our TOP people are as close as possible to our ongoing development of evidence-based policy".

He reiterated reforms were needed to tax and welfare and the Labour-led Government's policies would not help those "left further and further behind".