What Jacinda Ardern thought of Donald Trump's 'short and fat' tweet

  • 13/11/2017

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has weighed in on US President Donald Trump's barbed tweet at Kim Jong-un.

Mr Trump took to the social media platform on Sunday to label the North Korean leader "short and fat" in response to being described as "old". He has previously called Kim Jong-un "little rocket man" as a result of his aggressive nuclear stance.

When asked what she thought about Mr Trump's tweet, Ms Ardern was coy on the matter - but a smile could be seen emerging on her face as she fielded the question.

"That's slightly different paraphrasing of that tweet from what I saw," she teased.

But when asked if she'd seen the words Mr Trump used, she suddenly turned very serious.

"I did see the use of those words," she said.

"Our position on North Korea remains absolutely the same. It does not change depending on what tweets are issued on any given day.

"It's an important matter of regional security that we continue to use dialogue and pursue a de-escalation of the situation that we have currently."