America's Cup: Auckland Council votes for Wynyard Basin site

Auckland Council appears to have struck a deal with Team NZ over the development of the harbour for the 2021 America's Cup regatta.

Councillors on Thursday voted 12-3 in favour of the Wynyard Basin development, but the Government prefers an alternative arrangement on Wynyard Point.

The council's $123 million plan involves a 73m extension to Halsey Wharf - shorter than what Team NZ wanted.

Team NZ bosses were present for the vote, board member Sir Stephen Tindall saying he shared "the concerns of Aucklanders about going further out into the harbour".

"That for me was one of the biggest considerations."

Mayor Phil Goff called it a "good compromise".

"They need a sufficient amount of land space, water space, water depth, sheltered water, and we've really worked hard to produce that," he told TVNZ.

"Their preferred option took us out about 230 into the harbour - that's not what Aucklanders want. So we've got a compromise solution."

The council's plan is about $40 million cheaper and will shave about eight months off construction time, he says.

"We've just got 18 months to consent and build that infrastructure. It's not very long."

The Government's preferred Wynyard Point option doesn't have enough room for all the competing teams' bases, Auckland Council's Panuku Development design and place director Rod Marler told NZME.

He also said complex lease negotiations and the removal of hazardous goods operators would also hold up construction.

David Parker, minister responsible for the America's Cup, is presently in Argentina.

Councillor Efeso Collins voted against the proposal, saying he didn't want the regatta hosted in Auckland.