Anti-cycleway protester compares opponent to the Nazis

Fleur Fitzsimons Twitter
Fleur Fitzsimons' opponents, pictured with the sign earlier that day, said they know nothing about it. Photo credit: Fleur Fitzsimons/Twitter

A Wellington woman running for a spot on the council has been compared by her opponents to the Nazis.

Fleur Fitzsimons, Labour candidate in the Wellington City Council southern ward by-election, says her children found a sign on her fence at 7pm on Sunday night reading: "Return of the third Reich [sic]".

"Totally respect right to protest, have been on hundreds myself but this is a real low," Ms Fitzsimons wrote on Twitter.

Video shot by RNZ at the weekend showed Dave Greco, the husband of her opponent Vicki Greco, carrying the offending sign, Fairfax reported.

Ms Greco is also chair of the Island Bay Residents' Association, which opposes a controversial local cycleway. Hundreds of locals marched against the cycleway on Sunday, saying cyclists should ride next to motor vehicles, not pedestrians.

Ms Greco told Fairfax she knew nothing about the sign.

"Not sure at all, don't know anything about it, sorry. I've actually got no comment about it."

Ms Fitzsimons said previous interactions between herself and the Grecos had been "quite friendly", but she's now asking for an apology for the "totally unacceptable" comparison.

The Third Reich was another name used by the Nazis for their rule - the first being the Holy Roman Empire, and the second the German Empire from 1871 until the end of World War II.