Australian columnist tells Prime Minister 'mind your own business' over refugee issue

An Australian columnist has told the Prime Minister to "mind your own business".

She lashed out at Jacinda Ardern, in response to her offer to take on 150 refugees from offshore detention centres.

"Ardern is sending a message to the people smugglers that Australia's borders could have a back door via NZ," Conservative columnist Miranda Devine said in a Daily Telegraph column. 

"She is giving them a product to sell to gullible economic refugees, who risk their life only to end up in detention centres."

Ms Devine called the Prime Minister's repeated offer "naive virtue-signalling".

"Surely, as a new PM, she has enough on her plate in her own backyard. We love our Kiwi cousins, but please mind your own business."

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's government has rejected the offer from Ms Ardern, claiming it would encourage refugees to use New Zealand as a backdoor to Australia.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten said the deal is worth looking at closely.

Ms Ardern has previously said she doesn't mind an "irritant" towards Mr Turnbull on the issue.

"I think it is important to continue to highlight that New Zealand is here to play a role to assist Australia with this situation that they have," she said.

"But also, ultimately, [we want] to find a solution for refugees."