Euthanasia Bill likely to be debated on Wednesday

Parliament will face a tough choice on Wednesday, as ACT leader David Seymour's controversial assisted dying Bill is likely to be debated tonight.

The Government pulled two member's Bills, creating room for the End of Life Choice Bill in the order paper.

The Bill argues some people are currently suffering unbearably at the end of their lives. It allows adults suffering from a terminal or irremediable illness to ask for a medically assisted death.

Under the legislation, doctors would be required to ensure the person requesting to die makes the decision free of pressure from any other person.

Medical professionals would be permitted to conscientiously object to the request, but they would need to find a replacement practitioner.

Rather than voting together as parties, most MPs will be making a decision based on their own conscience.

Mr Seymour believes if it comes up, he has the numbers to get the Bill through its first reading.

"I think at least a third are definitely on for it. Maybe a fifth are hardcore opposed for personal or spiritual or whatever reasons. There's a mushy middle in there I think we would get. We would get it through the first reading," he told The AM Show in May.

A 2016 poll found two-thirds of New Zealand adults support assisted dying, with another 21 percent on the fence.