'Fiscal time bombs' ready to explode on Government - Steven Joyce

  • 19/12/2017
Mr Joyce warns of the Treasury's half-year update.
Mr Joyce warns of the Treasury's half-year update. Photo credit: Newshub

National's Steven Joyce says the Treasury's half-year update contains 29 "fiscal time bombs" waiting to go off in the Government's face.

The half-year economic and fiscal update was released last week and Mr Joyce says it identifies an unprecedented number of "new fiscal risks" caused by the change of Government.

"These cover a huge range of election commitments that are yet to be included in the government accounts," he said.

"Major policies like the Provincial Growth Fund, extra DOC funding, their justice policies, their primary health care policy, new rail links... are all not included in the accounts in this update."

The Government has said it can meet all its commitments and still run a surplus.