Greens disgruntled, suffering low morale - report

While publicly they've been celebrating, behind the scenes the Greens are reportedly suffering from low morale and infighting.

RNZ on Monday morning published excerpts of a letter purporting to be from disgruntled staff, telling the party's MPs they're unhappy with how they're being treated.

The Greens are in Government for the first time, propping up a formal coalition between Labour and New Zealand First.

RNZ says the letter "highlights how difficult the party has found the transition into Government", with senior party staff and MPs being urged to hire new people for key advisory roles, rather than sticking with existing staff.

Third-ranked MP Julie Anne Genter, who also has ministerial responsibilities, is believed to have pushed back against the new directive.

"MPs and senior staff should now be fully aware of the damage to staff morale created by this drift away from Green kaupapa," RNZ quotes the letter as saying.

"They should also know that the manner in which Green staff have been treated has already diminished the reputation of the Green Party."

Staff have also reportedly spent a long time "in a holding pattern... which has created uncertainty, paralysis and low morale", following a disastrous election campaign which saw the Green caucus almost cut in half after Metiria Turei's benefit fraud admission put the party's support into freefall.

That, combined with the sudden elevation to Government, has reportedly put strain on MPs too - with those overlooked for ministerial roles said to be disgruntled.

The Greens declined to comment on the letter to RNZ. Newshub has contacted party leader James Shaw and Ms Genter for comment.

Ms Genter is expected to be a contender to fill the party's co-leadership, with Marama Davidson also widely tipped.