How the Government is tracking halfway through its first 100 days

  • 13/12/2017

This week marks the halfway stage of the Government's first 100 days plan, and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says it's delivering on its promises.

"I'm pleased with the significant progress we've made to date," she said.

"On Thursday we will introduce legislation to give effect to the Families Package - changes to Working for Families will boost the incomes of low and middle-income earners and lift tens of thousands of children out of poverty."

The package is a flagship policy and will be introduced as Finance Minister Grant Robertson releases his budget update and the Treasury delivers its half-year economic and fiscal update.

Here's an update on how progress on the 100 day plan is looking:

  1. Fees free for post-secondary school education or training for first year from 2018 - announced December 5
  2. Student allowances and living cost loans to increase by $50 from 1 January 2018 - announced November 21
  3. Extension of Paid Parental Leave - legislation passed November 29
  4. Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill setting minimum standards for rentals - legislation passed November 29
  5. Legislation to give effect to the Families Package - to be introduced this week
  6. Ban on overseas speculators buying existing houses - to be introduced this week
  7. Issue directive to Housing New Zealand stopping the sell-off of state houses - to be delivered shortly
  8. Begin work to establish the Affordable Housing Authority and KiwiBuild programme - underway
  9. Tax Working Group - Terms of reference announced and Chairman appointed November 23, further appointments shortly
  10. Restart contributions to the Super Fund - announced at the Half Year Economic and Fiscal Update.