Judith Collins picks fight with Labour Party meme page on Twitter

  • 19/12/2017
Judith Collins picks fight with Labour Party meme page on Twitter
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National MP Judith Collins has taken aim at a political meme page on Twitter in what may be a case of mistaken identity.

Ms Collins criticised the "Let's Meme This" Twitter account, a satirical page not affiliated with the Labour Party, but known for making jokes at the expense of rival parties.

She was offended by a joke in which the page compared National MP Matt Doocey to a potato.

"So this is the gentle, kinder, more caring @nzlabour under @Jacinda Ardern," she tweeted.

"Just nasty primary school name calling. Reverse-graduated from student politics to playground childishness."

She posted a screenshot of a tweet from the "Let's Meme This" page.

The page administrators were quick to respond and made it clear they did not take Ms Collins' claims seriously.

"1) We are a meme page (google it)," the page said. "2) You haven't denied that he is a potato. 3) When will you roll Bill? Would make great meme content. Ta."

Ms Collins claimed the fact it was a meme page was irrelevant.

"And that's ok then? Pathetic," she said.

Responses to the tweet have varied, with some people defending Ms Collins, and others responding that they believe she misread the account and did not realise it was a meme page.

"Not often I agree with you Judith - but really @LabourMemes? Ugh. Why do you think it ok to make fun of how people look?" one person replied.

"You know this is a meme account that isn't owned or operated by the Labour Party, right?" another said.

A search of Twitter could find no equivalent meme page for National.