Labour MP Willow-Jean Prime stands up for breastfeeding mothers

Labour MP Willow-Jean Prime breastfeeding her daughter Heeni.
Labour MP Willow-Jean Prime breastfeeding her daughter Heeni. Photo credit: Facebook/ Willow-Jean Prime

Labour MP Willow-Jean Prime is standing up for an Auckland woman who was booted off a bus for breastfeeding her newborn.

"My newsfeed has been full of the story about Jamie Deane being kicked off the bus in Auckland for breastfeeding her baby and I can't stop thinking about it!" she said.

Ms Deane was kicked off the bus after a passenger complained about her breastfeeding. She claimed the bus driver told her: "You can't be breastfeeding on a bus. That's just wrong."

"It makes me so angry and sad. I feel so sorry for her and any mum that has experienced this kind of negativity," Ms Prime wrote on Facebook.

The Labour MP often breastfeeds her newborn Heeni in Parliament. While she hasn't experienced discrimination in person, she's been criticised on social media for breastfeeding.

"There has been some negative comments on social media about me breastfeeding my baby who looks like she's four years old in Parliament."

Her post included 10 photographs of her breastfeeding in different locations, and the hashtag #BabiesCantWait.

"Kia kaha to all the māmā out there."