Legendary and unique: Patrick Gower's greatest hits

Patrick Gower has been a pivotal part of Newshub's political coverage, but is now moving on to a new role as National Correspondent and will cover some of the nation's biggest stories.

He's been in political journalism for 10 years and will be sorely missed. These are some of his best moments.

Winston Peters wants utu

Gower made a major call this election: that Peters wants utu from National.

This was on September 26 - well before Peters announced he'd be backing Labour.

Gower said Peters wants revenge for Steven Joyce orchestrating an attempted takedown in the campaign.

"It could cost National power," Gower said.

Calling out lies

If there's anyone who hates a politician lying, it's Gower.

This election, he called out National for what he said was the biggest lie of the campaign. Not National's claim of an $11b fiscal hole that economists said didn't exist, but National's claim Labour will increase taxes. No, Paddy said - Labour won't enact National's tax cuts.

"Deceitful bastard"

Don Brash was the ACT Party leader going into the 2011 election, and he really wasn't impressed when Gower turned up to his business conference. Getting out of the car, Dr Brash told Gower "you're a deceitful bastard quite frankly, and I don't want to talk to you".

Gower breaks Press Gallery rules

When Gower started at 3News in 2010, he didn't have the best knowledge of Parliament's rules for television cameras. He created an uproar and a media clamp down after he chased former minister and Labour MP Chris Carter around Parliament's no-go areas, including down stairwells and Mr Carter's unoccupied office. Speaker Lockwood Smith sanctioned Gower by removing all of 3 News' Parliamentary car park passes, as well as limiting the areas cameras were allowed to film.

The Trump question

Gower was the only New Zealand political journalist to get a question to US President Donald Trump. He asked what a Trump Presidency would mean for countries like New Zealand.

The Oravida scandal

Gower badgered Judith Collins over her involvement with Oravida. Gower flew to China to pursue the story. He dropped into the office, where he spotted a photo of Collins with Oravida bosses and another framed shot of then-Prime Minister John Key playing golf.

That 'This is the f*****g news' law revue skit

Gower went super viral when he appeared in an Auckland University skit. In the fake-news broadcast from the Auckland University library, a student shushes him and tells him "This is the f*****g library."

"This is the f*****g news" Gower replied.

His use of adjectives

Gower wields the English language like a multi-tool Swiss army knife. No one couples adjectives like Gower.

Gower builds tension for an upcoming political poll using just two words. Incredibly explosive. Volatile and telling. Dramatic and devastating. Crucial and final.

When he goes soft

Gower knows when to go hard and when to go soft.

His moment with Te Ururoa Flavell outside Newshub the day after the election was human, heartfelt and sweet.