Minister questions need for special-needs education review

Tracey Martin
Tracey Martin. Photo credit: The Nation

The Associate Education Minister is criticising an impending review of how special-needs children are treated by the schooling system.

The Education Review Office (ERO) recently announced it will look into the subject in 2018. It last did so in 2014.

But New Zealand First's Tracey Martin is sceptical about whether the review will help.

"I personally would have thought we had all the information we need already," she said. "Our parents have told us again and again and again what is not working inside the system."

Ms Martin doesn't have direct responsibility for ERO, however she does intend to raise whether the review is needed with the organisation.

"[I'm interested in] what they're looking for that will be different from the information we have, rather than moving forward and making the changes we have already been told need to be made."

Ms Martin expects any findings will be similar to those from a 2017 inquiry by now Education Minister Chris Hipkins, former Green MP Catherine Delahunty and herself, at the Education and Science select committee.