New Government 'not quite gelling' - Chris Trotter

A left-wing political commentator says something's "not quite gelling" about the new Government, and says Labour probably never thought they'd end up in power.

"At the heart of the problems that I'm seeing is a failure to properly fund the expectations," Chris Trotter told The AM Show on Tuesday.

"It may be because it is a tri-partied affair with three parties all trying to work together."

Mr Trotter says the Labour Party likely overpromised because it never expected to be in Government.

"I think this Labour crowd were utterly poleaxed by Winston's decision.

"Winston went into those negotiations and they just waived through his ideas."

PR consultant and former ACT Party staffer Trish Sherson, appearing alongside Mr Trotter, was also critical of the newly-formed Government, telling the show Labour are "rookies".

"Idealism and reality have now collided in quite a frightening sort of a way and I think this Government probably needs the summer break to really get back behind closed doors.

"They're going to have to sort out their administrative and procedural running of the beehive and Parliament which I think they haven't got to grips with.

"That narrative is starting to bed in. They're just rookies and National is playing on that."