People on work visas entitled to fees-free apprenticeships and industry training

People in New Zealand on work visas will be able to access fees-free workplace and industry training under the Government's new policy.

The Government says that's because the number of employers supporting employees on work visas through training is so low that it doesn't justify a specific carve-out.

Workplace and industry training spans a wide number of industries, including a number of trades within the construction industry, aged care, food manufacturing, cable work, hairdressing, tourism and specialist trades like plumbing. 

Education Minister Chris Hipkins' office says they've had advice that up to 60 people on work visas could take up fees-free industry training.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on-the-job training is often driven by employers. 

"They are already in work, showing a commitment to work. 

"If their employer wants them to seek a little extra on-the-job training, then it's easier simply to catch them all in vocational training than to have a specific carve-out, and again, it is a very small number," she said on Tuesday.

Currently anyone working in New Zealand can access industry training with the support of an employer. 

On Tuesday the Government announced the parameters of its fees-free post-school training policy. 

The Government will fully subsidise one year of tertiary fees for all New Zealanders who have done less than six months of fulltime study.

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