PM Jacinda Ardern expects to meet Ombudsman over document

  • 05/12/2017

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern expects to meet Ombudsman Peter Boshier to discuss the reasons behind her refusal to release a controversial coalition document.

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters revealed after the coalition agreement between Labour and NZ First was released that another 38 page document existed, and said it would soon be made public.

Since then Ms Ardern has said it isn't an official document and her office has turned down an Official Information Request for it.

There's intense speculation about what's in the document and the opposition says it must be embarrassing to the government or it wouldn't be keeping it locked up.

Mr Boshier is now involved in the OIA request and on Monday wrote to Ms Ardern seeking her reasons for not releasing it.

"I'm always happy to work alongside him," Ms Ardern told reporters on Tuesday.

"My expectation is he will probably want to meet, and I'm happy to do that.

"We need to speak to him and understand what we can do to resolve the issue."